How we Build Websites for Solicitors

Do you need a specialist to build your law firm website, or can you just engage your local web company? This is not as straightforward as you might imagine, whilst there are many very good web and design agencies, you really should consider entrusting your web project to an expert in the field.

There are various processes that are fundamental regardless of industry niche, the brief, the audience, what you want the website to achieve etc. However, law firm websites have to perform several tasks, they need to convey your core ethos, the credibility of your business, the type of work that you are engaged in and how you would like potential and existing clients to interact with you.

You should also consider how you are going to generate your website content and who is going to do that, if possible you should use professional copywriters who understand the legal industry.

All web designers are not equal, make sure that you engage an agency that understands your industry and your business